GreatAnglers.comOld Inlet Bait & TackleUpdated: 5:51:25am
Alaina Strates
07/11/2024 11:00am
Method: Pier
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Old Inlet Bait & Tackle
Striped Bass (14" / 1lb)
07/10/2024 1:42am
Bait: Spec rig
Method: Pier Fishing
Stingray Ray
Flounder (9")
07/10/2024 1:07pm
Adrian Shea-snavely
Angelshark (53" / 52lbs)
07/06/2024 6:18pm
Method: Beach
Aiden Burns
Bigeye Tuna (53" / 93lbs)
09/18/2023 12:16am
Bait: Ballyhoo
Method: Trolling
Chris Connolly
Stingray (30" / 25lbs)
07/07/2024 9:09am