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Goldfish (8" / 2lbs)
01/12/2022 2:52am
Bait: Trout Magnet
Method: Shore Fishing
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Old Inlet Bait & Tackle
Tautog (20" / 6lbs)
01/06/2022 3:40pm
Bait: Crab
Method: Boat Fishing
01/06/2022 3:42pm
Matthew Carney
Black Fish (13" / 1.3lbs)
12/31/2021 11:37am
Bait: Green Crab
Method: Bottom Fishing
Julie Stevenson
Striped Bass (44")
12/30/2021 2:18pm
Bait: Mojo
Method: Boat Fishing
Jim Halter
Tautog (14")
12/31/2021 12:40am
Bait: Crab
Method: Jetty fishing