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You may earn points by posting fish pictures and related catch data, having other Anglers follow you and when other Anglers like the fish you post!

Pictures must be of you and the fish you caught. Points are awarded based on multiple criteria:

All points awarded to a post must be approved by GreatAnglers based on the criteria above. Fish sizes may be shown or estimated however final decisions of GreatAnglers are just that, final.

You may always take your catch to any participating Tackle Shop to have it weighed in and measured in which case those measurements will be used. You may use your points to buy GreatAnglers Gear and other merchandise in our store any time!

DateAwarded forPointsAvailable
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09/30/2019 trueangler77 is following Dallas Sporting Goods. You've been awarded 50 points! 50 50
Available Points:50
* Pending Approval by (GAC).