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Partnering is Free & Easy! (GAC) is always looking for Bait & Tackle Shops, Charter Boats, and Guides Services to partner with that would like to be part of the the next generation social media designed exclusively by and for Anglers.

Partners are listed as such in GAC and may even become an official weigh station for GAC Anglers that need to have their eligible catches recorded for GAC sponsored events.

Partners get their own custom GreatAnglers Web Page! This page will display Anglers catches made anywhere within their predefined mileage radius. This page is automatically refreshed every 15 minutes and designed to be displayed in their store, on any HD TV! Click here to see a live Partner Site (should be displayed on an HD screen 1920 x 1080 pixels or greater). A simple, low cost, laptop with wireless Internet access and an HD TV is all that is needed. Please feel free to send us any questions you may have.

Partners have the ability to upload advertisements for their shop/service to the Fish Feed (the main page in the site). Visitors and users will see the ads based on their location (GPS).

Premium Partnership allows shops to direct message Anglers (that are "following" them or in their geographic area) and send them promotional and informational messages.

Premium Partnership comes with the "Big Fish of the Day" (BFD) capability. The "Big Fish of the Day" (BFD) contest is a simple, easy to use feature where Anglers are invited to "buy in" and win the "collected pot" for the biggest fish caught that day. This is an additional revenue stream (with no inventory costs) exclusively for Premium Partners.

  1. Anglers that follow the Partner (and Anglers that have requested notifications) are sent an announcement of the "Big Fish of the Day" (BFD) contest, the dates, times, rules, etc.

  2. Anglers may be invited into the "Big Fish of the Day" (BFD) contest by staff as an over the counter offer, through direct message in GAC, radio, newspaper, email, etc.

  3. Anglers "buy in" at the shop usually in the morning when getting their bait and supplies.

  4. Participating Anglers are recorded as such at the store and in

  5. Angler post their catches and location to as they are made.

  6. Anglers will be notified if their fish is a contender in the BFD contest and will be directed to have their catch measured/weighed at the shop at the end of the day.

  7. The Angler with the "Biggest Fish of the Day" wins the "combined pot" collected by the shop for that day (less a minimal administration fee for the Shop/GAC).
"Big Fish of the Day" contests are a great way to attract new Anglers/Customers and engage with them in a fun, relevant and timely manner. This builds strong and lasting customer loyalty.

If you are interested in partnering with click here to send us an email. Please include your phone number and we will call you back as soon as possible.

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