2019 Winners

Congratulations to all the GreatAngler Award Winners!

These are the largest fish recorded for 2019. If you have a fish that beats any of these and is not displayed, please edit your fish under "Your Gallery tab at the top" and make sure both the length and weight is entered correctly. At a minimum the length is required. Additionally the image and GPS position of your catch must be set to public to score and rank your fish.

If you currently have a fish on this leader board please make sure you enter your correct mailing address and shirt size under "Settings" at the top. If the year closes, and your fish wins, you will receive a Special Edition GreatAnglers Winners T-shirt (one per angler) designating you as a 2018 Winner! Winner T-shirts are completely free, no cost, not even shipping! All addresses and sizes need to be in by the end of January, 2020 as this is a special edition, one-time run only.

Thanks so much for being part of GreatAnglers! We look forward to seeing you again next year!

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1668 Crappie 01/02/19 9:00am
2019 Leader
01/02/19 9:00am
Bait/Lure: Gulp
Method: Bridge
Tackle Shop: Hook'em & Cook'em Outfitters
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Jordan Marcus
Owings Mills MD
192 Jordan MarcusI caught 40 crappie and doubled up 3 times all in 2 hours (Jordan Marcus 01/02/2019 22:15pm)
1666 Northern Pike 01/01/19 11:44am
2019 Leader
Northern Pike
01/01/19 11:44am
Size: 30"
Bait/Lure: Shiner
Method: Ice fishing
Shop/Boat/Guide: Vance
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Bethany Beach DE
58 DonBiggest pike of the 9 from yesterday (Don 01/02/2019 07:44am)
1 GregReally nice fish! (Greg 01/02/2019 09:17am)
1670 Smallmouth Bass 01/08/19 6:26pm
2019 Leader
Smallmouth Bass
01/08/19 6:26pm
Size: 20" / 6lbs
Bait/Lure: Dry Creek
Method: Boat Fishing
Tackle Shop: Dry Creek Outfitters
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1664 Striped Bass 01/01/19 5:04am
2019 Leader
Striped Bass
01/01/19 5:04am
Size: 29" / 23lbs
Bait/Lure: Lure
Method: Boat Fishing
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Vincent Fick
Finksburg MD
1667 Tautog 01/02/19 4:27pm
2019 Leader
01/02/19 4:27pm
Size: 9.8lbs
Method: Boat Fishing
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Bethany Beach DE
282 DansfishingagainWent fishing on the Katydid with friends. Captain Brent put us on the fish. Fist mate Chris was kept busy most of the day. Total count 16 with 5 between 8 and and 9.8 lbs. Great day to be out on the water doing what we all like to do. (Dansfishingagain 01/02/2019 18:55pm)
302 Mike LordAwesome. What does he charge for the day and do you have his contact info. Wanted to take my employees fishing. (Mike Lord 01/11/2019 06:29am)
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