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The menu page contains links to all the pages and features in the app.
This is the main page in the site. Pictures of fish are posted to this page and displayed with the newest on top. If GPS positioning was allowed there will be a little red icon in the top left corner, that when clicked, will pin-point the location where the fish was caught.
Fish may be pin-pointed on the map when users enable GPS positioning of their catch.
Post Pictures
Post Pictures
This where you can upload pictures of the fish you catch.
Search for other Anglers, view their catches and follow their fishing.
My Fish
My Fish
This is your collection of catches. You can view, edit or delete any of your images here. You may also change permissions for individual images as you wish.
Profile & Settings
Profile & Settings
These are your personal settings for your profile. Please keep your information up to date. If you have just registered or have posted an eligible catch we will need your physical address so we can send you some goodies :)
This is the notification center where messages show up when other Anglers "Like" your catch, "Follow" your fishing, or friend request you. Messages are also sent by email, phone, or txt per your settings in your profile page.
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