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1-1640 Speckled Trout 11/19/18 12:30am
2018 Leader
Speckled Trout
11/19/18 12:30am
Size: 26" / 6lbs
Bait/Lure: Spot
Method: Surf Fishing
Tackle Shop: Captain Steves Bait & Tackle
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Captain Steve's Bait & Tackle
Chincoteague Island VA

Captain Steve's Bait & TackleCongratulations to Craig Sheaffer who won our annual Fall Surf Tournament with this 26 inch 6 pound citation speckled trout. It was tough it there but his persistence paid off. Congrats Craig. Thanks for all those who entered we had another great time with friends. The fishing was tough but great memories we made. The dinner on Saturday was a huge success with a lot of laughs and some great food. Plenty of stories told and some jokes. With Thanksgiving coming up we are very appreciative for everything we have. (Captain Steve's Bait & Tackle 11/19/2018)
Greg FlynnGreat Catch! Congratulations! (Greg Flynn 11/19/2018 10:40am)
Beth PfaffMany thanks to Capt Steve’s Bait & Tackle for holding the tournament and hosting a great dinner! (Beth Pfaff 11/20/2018 10:15am)
2-1084 Speckled Trout 06/08/18 12:38am
Speckled Trout
06/08/18 12:38am
Size: 22" / 3lbs
Bait/Lure: Crab
Method: Shore Fishing
Tackle Shop: Oceanic Fishing Pier
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JohnMichael cawood from deal island md caught this nice trout!!! Off local crab!! (John 06/08/2018)
Greg FlynnDamn nice fish! Haven't seen a lot of those in the past few years and definitely not that size - congratulations (Greg Flynn 06/09/2018 13:27pm)
3-732 Speckled Trout 01/10/18 8:52am
Speckled Trout
01/10/18 8:52am
Size: 16"
Bait/Lure: Spot and stalk
Method: Bank Fishing
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New Castle DE

JeffBen with his first of the day. Ended up with 4. Water so cold there hanging on shore line to warm up. (Jeff 01/10/2018)
Ricky johnsonLove the pup pic! I think I and my daughter got a sister and brother of your dog! Our dogs were born 9/23/17! (Ricky johnson 01/12/2018 08:43am)
JeffHe was born 5/11/17 in Aroura NC. Experiment litter. Crossed German shorthair and lab. Great dogs but at this point all he wants to fetch are oysters and fish (Jeff 01/12/2018 08:57am)
4-598 Speckled Trout 10/03/17 10:54am
Speckled Trout
10/03/17 10:54am
Size: 18.5" / 1.5lbs
Bait/Lure: Minnow
Method: Pier
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Bishopville MD

BearDale from Fredericksburg va caught this off the oceanic pier this morning along with several smaller ones (Bear 10/03/2017)

University of the Virgin Islands

2 John Brewers Bay St. Thomas VI 00802-6004
(340) 776-9200

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5-585 Speckled Trout 09/28/17 2:53pm
Speckled Trout
09/28/17 2:53pm
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Ernest Lara Jr.
Lytle TX

Ernest Lara Jr.fun to catch. (Ernest Lara Jr. 09/28/2017)
6-565 Speckled Trout 09/20/17 11:30am
Speckled Trout
09/20/17 11:30am
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Ernest Lara Jr.
Lytle TX

7-559 Speckled Trout 09/04/17 2:32am
2017 Leader
Speckled Trout
09/04/17 2:32am
Size: 21" / 1lb
Bait/Lure: paul brown lures
Method: Top Water Fishing
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Ernest Lara Jr.
Lytle TX

Ernest Lara Jr.lots of fun!!!! (Ernest Lara Jr. 09/04/2017)
Greg FlynnThanks for the comment! Hope that helps! (Greg Flynn 09/15/2017 12:02pm)

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