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9422 Rainbow Trout 04/21/24 1:28pm
Rainbow Trout
04/21/24 12:28pm
Size: 16"
Bait/Lure: Spinner
Shop/Boat/Guide: Old Inlet Bait & Tackle
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Wilmington DE
Click to Private MessageWill anther one down ath the wissahicken crick 14 fish big 21.5 had a tun of fun if you are a trout fisherman it's a must do will forh the ride (good food and drinks) (watt 04/21/2024 13:28pm)
Click to Private MessageGlad to see that you had a great time and congrats on all of your catches. (Jeff (Father Time) 04/21/2024 13:42pm)
Click to Private MessageHope to get you there next time father time (watt 04/21/2024 14:13pm)

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