Tips for Taking Great Pictures

  1. Make sure the fish and the Anglers face are in the upper center of your picture.
  2. Make sure the sun or light source is facing your subject (Not behind them creating a shadow on the fish).
  3. Use the maximum resolution you can. Bigger images will look better.
  4. Take several pictures. Upload the best and delete the rest.
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1611 Black Sea Bass 11/04/18 3:13pm
Black Sea Bass
11/04/18 3:13pm
Size: 14.5" / 2lbs
Bait/Lure: Clam
Method: Boat Fishing
Charter/Head Boat: Judy V
23 Likes23
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South Bethany DE
1 GregGot 8 and one was the money fish (Greg 11/04/2018 16:10pm)
37 SobethSuper! (Sobeth 11/04/2018 21:30pm)

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